Harvest Moon 2019

What is the harvest moon?
The harvest moon comes every year in September when the last of the crops are being gathered. Celebrating the harvest moon is a time for clearing the clutter out of your life (both physically and emotionally), ready for the new year which begins in October. It’s also a time to get ready for the colder months that are coming!

When is the harvest moon?
This year, it will be Friday 13th September 2019

What is the significance of this harvest moon?
Firstly, the full moon is on Friday 13th. In popular culture, Friday 13th is always seen as a superstitious and unlucky day. However, in Wicca and witchcraft, 13 has always been seen as a lucky number, an example of why this is might be because 13 is often considered the last stage of life, the one we spend in the afterlife. Furthermore, the number 13 is closely connected to women as the average female menstruates 13 times a year. This then connects to the day Friday. Friday is named after the Goddess Freya of love and fertility, thus joining the femininity of the number 13  with the femininity of Freya. Finally, the full moon is also closely connected to the triple goddess. The triple goddess is also known as “the maiden, the mother and the crone” because of her life cycle from a young girl to an old woman. At the full moon, the maiden becomes the mother who then gives in abundance to the Earth. This then connects back to the harvest were we hold festivals and parties of thanks to the Goddess for the abundance we have collected in this years harvest. All in all, a very powerful harvest moon for 2019!

How do we celebrate the harvest moon?
Some people choose to have an alter in ttheir home to celebrate the many sabbats throughout the year, and this would be a great time to get yours ready for Autumn! Also, you can decorate your home, bake goodies and cook with seasonal fruits and veggies!

What are the correspondences?
Element: Earth
Gods/Goddesses: Persephone, Hecate, Gaia, Bootes, Carme, Demeter, Dysaules, Eubouleus, Hades, Hestia,
Colours: orange, brown, green, red
Herbs: camomile, cinnamon,
Trees: Bay, Hawthorne,
Animals: fox, wolf, owl, stag, squirrel, mouse
Crystals: citrine, amber, gold, peridot, diamond
Incense: cinnamon, clove, frankincense,
Food: breads, cakes, berries, nuts, corn, apples, squashes and small pumpkins, cider.

Natural remedies for insomnia

First off let’s talk about what insomnia is! It’s basically recurring issues with your sleep, for example, taking up to or more than an hour to get to sleep, waking up and unable to get back to sleep, waking up often through the night and having a low quality of sleep. You may experience all or a few of these symptoms repeatedly over a few days, weeks, months or even years.

Signs of insomnia according to http://www.nhs.uk

I have been struggling with insomnia for a few years and every time I see a new doctor they tell me to do exercise, watch less tv and drink less caffeine. When that doesn’t help (and believe me I have tried so hard), they offer me sleeping tablets which often leave you feeling tired and groggy the morning after which makes being productive very hard!

So what natural remedies can help you get that peaceful night’s sleep you have been dreaming of (or not 😋)? Here is a list of my favourite ways to get relaxed and ready:

1. Make sure your bed is cosy
Floof up your pillows, throw on cushions and teddy bears, make sure you phone is on charge and you have everything you need before you sit down. Personally, I like to make sure I have a cushion to rest my arm on so it doesn’t feel like a spare piece of meat hanging off my side! If it’s hot outside, I like to use a thin blanket and if it’s cold outside I use a thicker blanket. Some people might also add a hot water bottle or cosy fluffy socks for extra warmth.

2. Make sure your clothes are cosy
Do you like to wear pyjamas or your birtday suit? Either way, make sure you’re not over heating or freezing to death because constantly swapping to the cold side of the pillow or getting up for more blankets is definitely not going to help you relax.

3. Lavender incense, oil or tea
Lavender is know for it’s healing properties in regards to sleep and anxiety; it works as an anxiety reliever aand as a sedative so it’s the perfect companion to bed time. It works by interacting with the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) to help lower the brain and nervous system activity which means it reduces agitation, anger, aggression and restlessness!

4. Camomile oil or tea
I love a good hot cup of tea before bed to warm me up. Camomile is regarded as a mild tranquiliser. An antioxidant called apigenin is found in camomile; it interacts with receptors in the brain to induce sleep. You could also add oil to a hot bath so that it soaks into your skin and you can breathe it in.

5. Candles
In this modern world it’s hard to avoid blue light; it’s on our phones, tablets, computers etc., but it’s also coming out of our fluorescent and LED bulbs. The blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, one of our body’s natural hormones that deal with our sleep cycle. By lighting candles before bed, you can still see the area around you (and with enough if them you dont strain your eyes when you’re reading), but you’re not exposing your body to the blue light which keeps you alert and ready. Instead of reading on your Kindle or phone, try reading a book by candle light instead!

6. Try ASMR
It comes in many forms and can be found for free all over the internet! Personally, I enjoy the quiet rush of waves over the beach or the sound of rain on my (fake) window or plastic roof! Sounds like this can be found on YouTube, Spotify or Prime Music. You can find videos or tracks that last from a few minutes to a few hours so no matter how long it takes you to sleep, the music will last. Alternatively, find an ASMR creator on youtube and listen to one of their very creative videos, here are two of my favourites:

1. Latte ASMR – Healing Pamper Night
2. Sophie Michelle ASMR – Eating Halloween Candy with your Mum

I hope you enjoyed reading, and good luck with your future sleep! What helps you with insomnia?

☆Disclaimer! I am not a qualified medical professional and you should always research before you ingest herbs/oils. Speak to your doctor if you hae any problems☆

Blessed be ☆

Communicating with our deities

Ever since I was younger, I loved the feeling of walking into a church or temple. Not because I felt a calling to God or Christ, but because of the peaceful and positive energies coming from a place of worship.

When you pray, communicate or worship, you’re opening a part of yourself and becoming vulnerable to the higher power, whoever or whatever that may be, that you feel closely connected to.

In more traditional religions, praying usally involves having hands clasped and either thinking or saying something. However, prayer can be done in any way that makes you feel comfortable. I have spoken to people who meditate, people who set up a whole ritual, and those who don’t do anything but have a conversation either out loud or in silence. It’s about how you feel connected and happy.

I would like to think I have a close connection to several deities but in particlar, Nyx the Goddess of the night, and Aradia the Queen of witches and Godess of the moon. When I wish to communicate it is usually to thank one or both of them for their help and guidance, or to ask for help and guidance or even sometimes because I just need someone to talk to through the hard times.

Depending on the reason, I like to light an incense stick such as lavender to soothe me and help me feel relaxed in order to focus on intentions. I find it helpful to light candles because of the soft natural light and the warmth that radiates positivity. I find it easier to communicate aloud, whilst sitting on the floor with my eyes either closed or fixed on a tall white candle.

Another method of communication I enjoy is Oracle cards, which I use to connect with Nyx as I find her easy to talk to. I usually set up a ritual area with a relaxing herbal tea to drink, candles, incense and my favourite crystals, that may or may not share a correspondance to her (I do not think she is offended either way). This has been a very powerful and important tool for me on my path and has helped me open up to what the universe is telling me and find my way along my path.

This beautiful artwork was found on ysvyri.com all rights to the artist

How do you choose to pray/communicate/worship?

Blessed be ☆

What is a green witch?

When you hear the term “green witch” your first thoughts are probably something along these lines:

Wicked witch of the West

Traditionally in witchcraft, a green witch is someone who focuses on the natural world; using plants and herbs to aid their practice and create positive energy in their environment. Sometimes, they are skilled herbalists who can use plants for medicinal purposes.

Since this kind if witchcraft is so closely connected to nature, they usually have a close connection to the cycles of the Earth, including the seasons. A green witch may also be focused on preserving nature and so lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This close connection to nature does not mean a green witch has to live in the country. Sometimes, other things such as money, career or family mean that we have to live in the city or perhaps we simply enjoy the city life, but that does not make you any less of a green witch.

One thing that I think many people don’t always understand about witchcraft and wicca is that the two are not the same, and to be one you do not have to be the other. Therefore, a green witch may or may not be religious (including but not limited to Wicca), and worship deities.

You also don’t have to just be a green witch. Personally, I feel very connected the green path but I would not call mysef exclusively green as I also have a close connection with other forms of magic and witchcraft.

Which path do you feel a close connection with? Are you a green witch?

Blessed be ☆


The Journey Begins

Our whole life is one long journey which begins from the day we are born, or even maybe conceived. That journey is full of other, much bigger, journies; who we are, who we want to be, what we want to do.

As we are growing up, we are always asked what we want to be when we are older. A princess? A knight? A lion? A dancer? A doctor? A teacher?

For me, I always knew I wanted to do something which helped other people. A nurse. A doctor. A social worker. A psychologist.

It wasn’t until recently that I worked out I wanted to do something more natural; take a step out of the modern world and embrace the planet and nature.

I have always been interested in “witchcraft”, that is, the use of crystals, herbalism, aromatherapy, chants and incatations for natural healing or tarot cards, rune stones, crystal balls and palmistry for divination.

Now I start my journey into becoming a natural healer working with both modern and ancient techniques to help people with their mental health, and the stresses and anxiety of modern day life.

Blessed be ☆

Chamomile flowers